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क्या आप भी सोचतें है कि नेता जी सच बोल रहे है ? 


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रहने वाला : सीकर, राजस्थान, काम..बाबूगिरी.....बातें लिखता हूँ दिल की....ब्लॉग हैं कहानी घर और अरविन्द जांगिड कुछ ब्लॉग डिजाईन का काम आता है Mast Tips और Mast Blog Tips आप मुझसे यहाँ भी मिल सकते हैं Facebook या Twitter . कुछ और

यदि यह आपको उपयोगी लगता है तो कृपया इसे साँझा करें !
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  1. Those who listen to the narration of the Lord with earnest devotion (and not just hear casually) and not only reflect upon its value and significance but also act according to the light it sheds on their minds will merge in the Bliss of the Lord. Their hearts will be filled with the sweet nectar of the personification of His captivating charm. They will experience the Adwaitha Ananda, the Bliss of being one with Him. To attain this fruit, the highest Sadhana (spiritual exercise) is the recitation of the Name of God with full vigilance of thought, feeling and utterance (mano-vaak-kaya) and the loud singing of His Glory. There is no greater spiritual practice than singing His Glory.

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